Wednesday, May 20, 2015

No More Excuses!

The topic came up during our last "girls weekend", aka (scrapbook weekend).  Why don't we get more layouts done?  The reasons vary...too much talking, too much singing, too much drinking (shhh), and lack of planning!  Searching for photos that we forgot to bring seems to be high on the list of whys.  I am here to help!  I have created a Scrapbook Layout Preparation list.  I know....for some of you, this is a bit too much planning, and that's OK.  I have been doing a less formal version of this for years using a simple notebook as my planner. The times when I get the most done are when I plan.  Make this list your own, feel free to change the wording, headers, or anything else that you want to change.  Adding in an inspiration photo can be a bit challenging (to get everything lined up). An easier option is to staple or paperclip a photo or other inspiration in that section.  I also left a space to sketch out your layout.  I like to make boxes where my photos will go and little notes about where to place my embellishments.  Make this your own!  To my scrapbook girls.....there are no more excuses!  I'll be checking in to see how your planning is going.  We have 5 months before our next "girls weekend".

See example below:  (Please leave a comment below with your e-mail address if you would like me to send you the Word document)

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