Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Summer Memories

Happy Wednesday!
I hope everyone has fun plans for the long Labor Day weekend.

Ever since Hailey was a little girl, she has always loved to sell lemonade during the summer and had even more fun creating her stand. It was no surprise that she jumped at the chance to set up one with her cousin Reagan.  When I was taking photos of our little entrepreneurs,I knew that to fully tell the story, I needed to capture all of the details that were so important to Reagan, including her cashier's box, hand made sign, and of course a photo of her serving to her first customer, Grandpa!  I truly cherish special memories like this!


  1. I just hopped over from GIS. That's a great page; I like the fresh and bold yet light touches of yellow. I hope you enjoy your renewed interest in blogging. Don't forget to include details on the page that you tell your readers about in the blog post - even if you just put it on the back of the page or in hidden journaling.

  2. You are so right!! One of the reasons that I like to blog is that I can pause and really think about the memories. When I'm scrapbooking, I'm often in a rush to get things done. It's a good reminder to enjoy the journey and make those stories just as important as the photos. Thanks for stopping by.