Monday, January 18, 2016

Breakfast at Grandmas

Here's another layout where I am challenging myself to learn something new.  The title is called Breakfast at Grandmas (a title knock off from Breakfast at Tiffanys....get it?)  I am learning how to do "selecting coloring" in Adobe Elements.  I watched a video on YouTube and gave it a try.  It's a fun way to turn a colored photo to black and white leaving only part of the photo colored.

If you look real close I only colored the cereal boxes and cereal bowls.  Everything else is black and white.

I really like the look and have just recently used this on another layout.  This will certainly be another one of my go-to tools to add interest to my photos and layouts.

The supplies I used came from the October Afternoon Saturday Mornings collection which has some very fun papers and embellishments with a breakfast and TV cartoon theme.

 Have a great week.

Now let's go create!

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