Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Ideas for Documenting Relationships

Documenting relationships is an important aspect of my scrapbook design.  There are many types of relationships, those between families, a special relationship with a pet or even a relationship with an  inanimate object like a special toy or a car.

In the layout below, I wanted to focus on the "teacher/student" relationship between my daughter and niece.  My daughter, as an experienced fisherman (or is it fisherwoman?), was teaching my niece who just received her very first fishing pole, how to fish.  It was so cute to watch the two of them patiently waiting for their first fish, enjoying each other and their love of fishing.  

Blog Exercise:
  • Make a list of relationships that you want to document.  It can be a relationship that you have with someone, a relationship that you admire, or maybe a unique relationship (like a child with a doll or your husband and his motorcycle). 
  • Grab your camera and start taking photos.  The photos don't have to be taken all in one day.  You may want to capture the relationship over a period of time, or maybe during a certain event. You may want to look at older photos to see if any of them capture the essence of the relationship.
  • Don't forget to document the story.  It can be from your perspective or you can ask others to comment on the relationship.
  • Have fun with the exercise and I would love for you to reply to this blog and share the ideas that you've come up with.

Supplies: Paper-October Afternoon Treasure Map, Paper Strips-October Afternoon, You and Me Card-Project Life Great Outdoors, Shipping Tag, Red Floss-We R Memory Keepers, Stickers-October Afternoon Treasure Map, Idaho wood shape-Etsy TheWoodshapeStore.

Now let's go create!