Sunday, June 19, 2016

New Photo Ideas: Successes and Fails

When I was recently in Hawaii, I enlisted my niece who is 8 to help me with some new photo ideas. We had a lot of fun spending time together and making a list of the images that we wanted to capture.

As a beginning photographer, I am always trying to improve my skills.  These skills include learning the manual functions of my digital camera, understanding design and composition, and challenging myself to be more creative.  Hopefully I will inspire you to try some new things with your camera and learn from my successes and fails.

Hawaiian Flower-Success

Using my new 50mm lens and setting my aperture low, I was able to focus on the flower while leaving the background blurry.

Girls Jumping in Air-Success (sort of)

Although their form is not that great, these girls had fun jumping in the air (or at least trying to)!

Holding the Sun-Fail

Unfortunately, I need some more work on my night time photography skills.  The photo is a little too dark and there should be more of a silhouette of my niece.  I still like the concept so we will try this one again.

Grains of Sand-Success

This will be great to use for an upcoming scrapbook page.  I like how it shows the sand and the white space on the right will be perfect for journaling.  I also changed it to black and white (below) which would be another interesting usage of the photo.

Washing Away Stress-Fail

The simple reason this was a fail is because I lost patience.  To "get the right shot" you must not lose patience.  The goal of this photo was to capture the wave washing away a part of the stress that I wrote in the sand.  It's very hard to do because if you capture the photo too late the wave will wipe out the entire word, if you capture it too early (like this), the word it not wiped out at all.  We'll have to try this one again also.

Laying in Surf-Success

You would think that this would be a simple photo to capture but it wasn't especially if you don't want you and your camera to get wiped out by a wave.  The waves at this beach were very unpredictable and was lucky to get this photo.  I love how my niece's feet are so much smaller than mine in contrast.

Flower and Ocean-Fail

Although this photo is somewhat interesting, I wanted the flower to be in focus.  Looks like I need to learn more about aperture.  I think I had my setting too high.

Now let's go create!

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